As club members ourselves, we keep StatusMe costs low and therefore our pricing the LOWEST.  Pricing is done on a simple annual subscription fee.  And you can even specify when you want to pay your bill — so you can match it up with your club’s income.  Some clubs even have the cost of StatusMe covered by a donor and/or a commercial sponsor.

Free for Small Organizations

NOTE: StatusMe is FREE for organizations/groups with fewer than 50 members.

Free for the First Season

We believe that once you start using it, you’ll love StatusMe, and your members will love it too. To prove it, StatusMe is FREE, with NO obligations and NO restrictions for the first year.

Number of Participants Annual Pricing Cost per Participant
51-250 $250 / yr $1.00 / yr
251-500 $350 / yr $0.70 / yr
501-1000 $450 / yr $0.45 / yr
1001-1500 $600 / yr $0.40 / yr
1501-3000 $750 / yr $0.25 / yr
3001-5000 $1000 / yr $0.20 / yr
5001-7500 $1300 / yr $0.17 / yr


And, using StatusMe not only improves your customer service, but also reduces your clubs overall expenses and provides other benefits.

Reduce your club expenses with improved customer experience:

  • Eliminate calls to your club’s front-desk.
  • Eliminate the weather hotline number.
  • Eliminate costs (fees and time) to update club web pages.

A small nominal fee means:

  • No Advertising.
  • Member & Club contact information always remains PRIVATE.
  • Unlimited usage of StatusMe.
  • Free for your members.

Contact us today at or call 541-STATUS1 (541-782-8871) to start using StatusMe today!!!

:: Customer Quotes
“StatusMe allows me to be more customer focused without any additional effort”  — Local YMCA

“StatusMe is as important to us as electricity!”  — Large GA Soccer Club

“Our club and our members enjoy using StatusMe and reaping the benefits of timely communications related to scheduled activities.  StatusMe is a great partner in the growth of our club aiding our vision of providing the complete soccer experience.”  —  Dan Esmond, Director of Operations of PTCYSA/Lazers Soccer Club, a StatusMe founding club.

Your club can try StatusMe for *FREE* today!!!

Or Call:  541-STATUS1