Below is information to help you sign-up to receive StatusMe messages.  During the process, click "click for instructions" for additional information:



Create your own personal StatusMe account:


Simply create one (1) account for your personal use for all your clubs and all your personal contact information.




Step 1 – Add contact information:


Add all of your personal email and cellular phone contact information:

  • For Email — Add all of your personal email addresses where you want to receive email messages.

  • For Text — Add your personal 10-digit cell phone numbers <and> be sure to select your cell phone provider from the drop-down list.  If your carrier is not listed, then simply select "other".  Remember: you may need to contact your cellular provider to update your account to allow receipt of text messages <and> text message charges are the responsibility of the member.



Step 2 – Join your Clubs:


Join the StatusMe clubs which you want to receive information:

  • Select the club’s state.  

  • Select the group in which they belong.   

  • Select your club.   And remember, you can join as many as you want.


Step 3 – Define what you want to receive:


For your selected clubs, now define what information to receive:

  • Fields — Select the fields that you want to receive field status notification. 

  • Text Messages — For those fields, be sure to specify which days to receive Text Messages (the default is NONE)

  • Email Lists — Select the Group Email Lists that you want to receive.




And, that’s it.  Now, sit back and receive INSTANT notifications when a field status changes <or> when Group Messages are sent out.  Enjoy!!!