Providing INSTANT STATUS communication.

Does your organization need to communicate QUICKLY with your members?

  • Practice/Game is CANCELLED due to inclement weather.
  • Pool is CLOSED for maintenance.
  • The group’s meeting was RESCHEDULED.

Keep your organization and its members CONNECTED with StatusMe!!!

  • Club Administrators maintain status in ONE LOCATION.
  • OPEN, CLOSE, or PARTIALLY OPEN your facilities.
  • CREATE communication groups (i.e. Volunteers, U-14 boys,etc.)
  • Members MAINTAIN their own contact information (emails and cell numbers).
  • StatusMe AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY sends email and text messages upon status changes.
  • StatusMe AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY updates your website(s) with current status.

Enjoy the benefits of StatusMe!!!

  • IMPROVE your organization’s customer service.
  • REDUCE your administrative expenses.
  • ELIMINATE your weather hot-line expenses.
  • COMPLEMENTS your existing registration system.
  • Create a CROSS-CLUB status communication network of StatusMe clubs.

Try StatusMe for **FREE** for a whole sports season today with no obligation!!!

OUR MISSION:  To enhance communication between clubs and their members by allowing controlled, timely, and private communications.