How can I get another club into the StatusMe network?

You can contact us via email at or by phone at 541-STATUS1 (541-782-8871).  We will need the organization name and contact information so we can contact them and request considering using the StatusMe service.  Of course, if you are a member of the organization, we could use your support in trying the service.  Remember, there is a FREE trial period. 

As a member, do I pay StatusMe to receive field status notifications?

No.  Members join FREE of charge to receive notifications from one or more participating organizations.  Organizations pay a nominal fee to subscribe to participate in the StatusMe network.

Then, how does StatusMe cover its expenses?

Your organization’s leaders selected the StatusMe network to improve communications to its members.  StatusMe charges a small nominal fee for the services.  See club pricing below.

What does it cost my club to participate?

First, StatusMe provides a FREE initial trial period.  As fellow club members ourselves, we believe in the value and benefits of StatusMe and want you to experience the value before spending your clubs fees.  So, try it out with absolutely NO obligation.

Second, after the trial period, there is a nominal annual fee charged to the club to cover the costs of providing the system.  With this small fee, StatusMe can provide this service without advertising and can keep your member information private.  The annual cost of the system is based on the membership size of your club — equating to just pennies per member.  For example, a club with 900 members pays only $400 per year.

Will I receive advertisements or have my information given out?

Absolutely NOT!!  StatusMe never sends advertisements to anyone in our network.  And, your account information is never given to anyone.  In addition, our system is designed to send out messages individually and privately, so your contact information is never seen by anyone else.

How should I set-up my personal account?

We recommend that you create one login account.  Then inside this account, add all the email addresses where you want notifications sent.  Also, add your cellular (SMS) text messaging address.  Since you may incur charges for text messages, specify only the days you want a change notification sent to your cell phone.

How often will I receive emails?

Emails are sent whenever your club changes the status of your fields – when the fields are closed or re-opened.

How often will I receive text messages?

Cellular text (SMS) messages are only sent if the change occurs on a day you selected to receive the messages.  You may opt to receive them every day.  But, since you may incur Text Messaging charges from your cell phone provider, some members select only the days that they have practices or games.  That way, if the field status changes while you are driving to the fields or away from the computer, the message still gets to you.

Can clubs have more than one field location?

Yes.  Clubs can have multiple field locations.  StatusMe allows the club to set up multiple locations.  Therefore, a club can close one location, while leaving the other locations open.

Do I get notices on all club locations

You receive notifications only on the locations you select.  So, if your club has 4 different locations, but you practice and play only at 1 location – then you can select to receive notifications for only that one location.

My child’s team travels to other club locations.  Can I subscribe to their notifications?

Yes, if they are in the StatusMe network.  In fact, with our easy join/unsubscribe process, you can join another club’s notification for just the weekend of the game – in case they close their fields – then unsubscribe the next week.

Can my club post another club’s field status information on our club’s website?

Yes, just like your club posts your own field status info, you can also choose to display the field status for another club.  Of course, only the club can update their own facility field status.  But, once the club changes their field status, it will instantly be displayed on your club’s website.  Check out our Participating Club page for an idea of how it looks to have multiple club’s field status on one page.

How can I get another club into the StatusMe Network?

Please email us at sending the organization name and contact information.  We will contact them and ask them to consider using the services.  Of course, if you are a member of the organization, ask them to consider using StatusMe.