ORGANIZATIONS use StatusMe to automatically and instantly communicate changes in facility status information to their members.  Club administrators simply update the status of the club’s facility as Open, Closed, or Limited.  Then, for members who have opted-in to the StatusMe network, members are alerted instantly via both e-mails and text messages.

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StatusMe is easy to use.  Any non-technical person can use the system to update the field status.  No more HTML coding and page updates by the only "techy" on the club staff.

StatusMe allows multiple persons (specified by the club) the access rights to update the facility status.

The change in field status is automatically and instantly sent to subscribing members via e-mail and text messages.

The current field status is automatically and instantly displayed directly on your web page using the StatusMe Field Status script.

Put your field status on one or more web pages — and they all stay automatically updated and in-sync.

Display the field status of other clubs in your area where your teams visit to play.

Club Administrators can automatically schedule to have the facilities reopen.

Create group e-mail accounts for special announcements:

  • Club volunteers
  • Special groups (i.e. goalkeepers, early swimmers, etc.)
  • Teams

Members maintain their own contact information — thereby keeping the member contact database more accurate.

Reduce your club expenses.

:: What Differentiates
Clubs control the
status of their facilities.

When status changes are made,
StatusMe automatically and instantly updates web
pages <and> sends out e-mails and text messages.

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service with less effort!!!

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