Providing INSTANT STATUS communications.


As club members ourselves, we keep StatusMe costs low and therefore our pricing the LOWEST.  Pricing is done on a simple annual subscription fee.  And you can even specify when you want to pay your bill — so you can match it up with your club’s income.  Some clubs even have the cost of StatusMe covered by a donor and/or a commercial sponsor.

*** FREE for clubs/schools under 50 subscribers ***

Number of Participants Annual Pricing Cost per Participant
51-250 $200 / yr $0.80 / yr
251-500 $300 / yr $0.60 / yr
501-1000 $400 / yr $0.40 / yr
1001-1500 $500 / yr $0.33 / yr
1501-3000 $650 / yr $0.22 / yr
3001-5000 $900 / yr $0.18 / yr
5001-7500 $1200 / yr $0.16 / yr


And, using StatusMe not only improves your customer service, but also reduces your clubs overall expenses and provides other benefits.

Reduce your club expenses with improved customer experience:

  • Eliminate calls to your club’s front-desk.
  • Eliminate the weather hotline number.
  • Eliminate costs (fees and time) to update club web pages.

A small nominal fee means:

  • No Advertising.
  • Member & Club contact information always remains PRIVATE.
  • Unlimited usage of StatusMe.
  • Free for your members.

Contact us today at or call 541-STATUS1 (541-782-8871) to start using StatusMe today!!!

:: Customer Quotes
“StatusMe allows me to be more customer focused without any additional effort”  – Local YMCA

“StatusMe is as important to us as electricity!”  – Large GA Soccer Club

“Our club and our members enjoy using StatusMe and reaping the benefits of timely communications related to scheduled activities.  StatusMe is a great partner in the growth of our club aiding our vision of providing the complete soccer experience.”  –  Dan Esmond, Director of Operations of PTCYSA/Lazers Soccer Club, a StatusMe founding club.

Your club can try StatusMe for *FREE* today!!!

Or Call:  541-STATUS1